08/21/2012 11:13 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Disclosure,' One Direction Parody Featuring Shirtless Male Models, Zings Mitt Romney And GOP

A group of studly male models -- Quinn Christopher Jaxon, David Brackett, Brandon R. Brown, Colby Melvin and Johnathan Meyers -- have stripped down for "Disclosure," a sexed-up parody of the ubiquitous One Direction single "What Makes You Beautiful," which zings Mitt Romney and the Republican party.

The revised lyrics include the rousing, double-entendre-laden chorus:

"Romney you lie to voters like no body else/Your SuperPAC giant size gets Dems overwhelmed,
But when you smile at your wealth it ain't hard to tell,
You won't show/What you're hiding down below."

The clip was produced by Full Frontal Freedom, "a coalition of independent artists and media executives –- who want to use our talent and creativity to raise awareness and enhance civil discourse." Read more about Full Frontal Freedom here.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article mistakenly identified menswear designer Andrew Christian as having produced the video. Although several of the models have appeared in Andrew Christian materials, the video was not produced by the company.

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