08/21/2012 08:08 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Bar Mitzvah Vogue Dancer Shaun Sperling (VIDEO)

In 1992, 13-year-old Shaun Sperling decided that he wanted his bar mitzvah to be Madonna-themed and inadvertently planted the seeds for a viral video nearly twenty years later.

See, young Shaun wasn't content to just play Madonna's songs over the speakers or get his dress shirt airbrushed with her face (both of which he did) -- he also memorized the moves from her "Vogue" video and performed the dance for his friends and family. And a video camera.

Sperling, who is now an attorney, uploaded the video to YouTube himself, but told Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night's "Live!" that he had no idea it was going to blow up the way it did.

Come on, Shaun. With pure gold like that it shouldn't come as too big a surprise.

Check out the clip above and then watch our interview with Sperling on HuffPost Live:



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