08/21/2012 04:34 pm ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

Mitt Romney To Donors: I Would Explain My Energy Plan, But Reporters Are Here

WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney started to lay out his energy plan at a Tuesday event, but because there were reporters in the room, he decided against doing so.

During a Houston fundraiser, Romney told a room of about 125 donors that he planned to unveil his comprehensive energy plan this week. He said his proposal will specifically relate to fossil-based fuels. But then, he said no more.

"I know that we have members of the media here right now, so I’m not going to go through that in great detail," Romney said, according to a pool report from the event.

Romney did say that the "intent" of his plan will be similar to what Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) has proposed in his energy plan.

"That is, to fully take advantage of our energy resources," he said. "I have a different approach I think, generally, to the role of government as it relates to energy, as well as other aspects of our economy. And it flows from a growing perspective I have throughout my life and, frankly, during this campaign about the power of individuals as opposed to government, individuals pursuing their interests and dreams."

Among those onstage with Romney at the event: Portman, Texas Republican Senate nominee Ted Cruz, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and billionaire oil executive Harold Hamm.



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