08/21/2012 08:18 pm ET

San Francisco Veterans Mural Unveiled In The Tenderloin (PHOTOS)

The names of 4,484 members of the United States military were unveiled Wednesday, painted on the side of a Tenderloin alley most frequented by drug users and homeless people

Renamed "Veterans Alley," from "Crack Alley," the area is now covered in over 30 murals painted by and advocating for San Francisco's veterans.


"Art usually glorifies war, but I wanted to do something that just honored the people who served in this war," said project founder Amos Gregory, a veteran of the first Gulf War. "And I thought it was important that this be done by the veterans themselves."

Amos began the mural project ten months ago after watching his friend and fellow veteran, Ruben Chip Santos, suffer from PTSD and eventually commit suicide at age 27.

"Art regarding veterans is often done by artists who do not understand the experience of war and are not veterans themselves," Gregory told HuffPost.

Gregory hopes that current and past veterans will come to the mural and paint.

Scroll through the slideshow to see photos of some of the amazing murals in Veterans Alley:

San Francisco Veterans Mural