08/21/2012 04:35 am ET Updated Aug 21, 2012

'The Glass House' Finale: Kevin Braun Wins The $250,00 Prize (VIDEO)

There were five people remaining at the start of the final hour of "The Glass House" (Mon., 10 p.m. ET on ABC). That number refers to the people in the house and not the viewers still watching the show, though those numbers plummeted throughout the season as well. Things got so bleak that CBS decided they didn't even care anymore and dropped that lawsuit alleging it was a rip-off of "Big Brother."

But "Glass House" does have its faithful followers and still had $250,000 to give out. After the quick elimination of Mike -- for the second time this summer, Andrea earned a spot in the finale by winning the Challenge, while America's vote put Kevin and Jeffrey in danger. But in the end, it was Jeffrey who went home, leaving Kevin, Andrea and Erica to battle it out.

Apparently the bizarre "showmance" between Kevin and Erica that came to dominate the summer did nothing to hurt either of them. In fact, America clearly loved the whole thing, as they rewarded Kevin with the top prize, while Erica came in second.

The show dropped more than 2 million viewers over ten weeks, hovering just below 2 million viewers total the past few weeks. At those numbers, a renewal for next summer seems unlikely, even though tension in the house made the show much more watchable as it went along.

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