08/15/2012 12:00 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

An Erupting Stability: Tornado-Proof Suburb From 10 DESIGN (PHOTOS)

By Irina Vinnitskaya
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“Erupting Stability: Tornado Proof Suburb” is a project being developed by Ted Givens, AIA, of 10 Design in Hong Kong.  He and his team are researching ways to apply kinetic design to architecture in order to provide safe options for shelter in climatically unsafe environments.  The goal is to break free from static ways of building and create a method of using technology that learns from and responds to the environment in a dynamic way.  ”Erupting Stability” assesses the forces of tornadoes and high velocity winds, specifically, by the way that he and his team are thinking about architecture opens up a range of possibilities for applications in any disaster scenario.

How can a house respond to its environment?  The answer, says Givens, is somewhere “between garage doors, flowers, and the survival mentality of a turtle."  The futuristic design provides a protective shuttle that submerges underground when extreme weather conditions threaten the safety of the inhabitants. A series of hydraulic levers control the movement of the home in and out of the ground. They also control the outer skin which can warp in response to external stimuli and deflect against destructive forces, like high speed winds. The design has its own survival instinct that is triggered by the winds of thunderstorms or tornadoes to which it responds by getting out of harms way.

Ted Givens' 'Tornado-Proof Suburb'

Design Partner at 10: Ted Givens

Design Team: Trey Tyler, Mohamad Ghamlouch, Shane Dale, Dougald Fountain