08/21/2012 07:32 am ET

'Wild Justice': Game Wardens Rescue Adorable Baby Bobcats From A Wood Chipper (VIDEO)

It was a case of wild meeting absolutely adorable on "Wild Justice" (Mon., 8 p.m. ET on National Geographic) when a game warden discovers some baby wildcats in a wood pile. The pile was headed for a chipper, so it was a good thing the kittens were spotted before they were accidentally killed.

With mama nowhere in site, and the kittens really too young to be free from her care, the team had to assume that she was out of the picture for some reason. They took in the kittens and raised them back in their facility.

The team was careful to raise the bobcats in such a way that they remained capable of living on their own in the wild, and when they got a little older they were freed.

And they remained so very precious and cute the whole way!

"Wild Justice" airs new episodes every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on National Geographic.

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