08/22/2012 07:50 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

CORRECTION: Abandoned Carnival Sits Vacant In Detroit

CORRECTION 8/22/12: It has come to our attention that the original story about an abandoned carnival has been misreported. We spoke with the project manager for Theatre Bizarre, who clarified that this property is not abandoned. It is privately owned by Theatre Bizarre, and is in fact the residence of a number of people associated with the company.

As previously stated, it had been home to Theatre Bizarre, which held underground Halloween parties on the property. In 2010 they were forced to stop because the land could not be rezoned for those activities. Theatre Bizarre relocated to the Masonic Temple of Detroit. What was mistaken for a carnival, was actually a storage area for the group's props. The props will soon be moved to the new location.

We deeply apologize for the error.

Theatre Bizarre will be holding its next party on October 20. Tickets are available here.