08/22/2012 02:34 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Charlie Rose: 'A Well-Rounded Badonkadonk' 'Does It For Me' (VIDEO)

Charlie Rose let his hair down on Wednesday's "CBS This Morning" as he got into a fairly in-depth discussion with country singer Trace Adkins about badonkadonks.

During Adkins' appearance on the program, Rose had some fun trying on the country star's cowboy hat. Adkins said Rose's credibility was "forever sullied" since the famed broadcaster interviewed the "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" singer and wore his hat.

Co-host Gayle King interjected that Rose actually likes badonkadonks. "I do," Rose said through his laughs.

"Who doesn't?" Adkins wondered.

Though one may think that this increasingly awkward badonkadonk conversation reached a natural, neat end at this point, think again! Rose pushed the interview further asking Adkins, "What constitutes a badonkadonk?"

"Well it's not that emaciated, model, little, skinny-thing, Charlie," Adkins said. "It's well-rounded." When King asked Trace to list more specifications, he paused and said, "Well, well-rounded."

"That does it for me," Rose said, confirming his love for badonkadonks once again.

Thanks, Charlie. We get it.



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