08/22/2012 09:45 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

Do Something Awards: 'Glee' Actors, Kristen Bell, Ben Affleck, Others Win Big (PHOTOS)

VH1’s latest awards show had all the trappings of a standard Hollywood affair –- A-list celebs, glitzy gowns and headlining acts. But, instead of celebrating the talents’ leading roles and steamy on-air kisses, the night centered on ways in which actors, and lesser-known activists, are changing the world.

The Do Something Awards, which aired Tuesday night, brought to the stage at Santa Monica’s Airport some of the biggest names in entertainment, who are making a huge impact among communities in need.

Ben Affleck won the “Facebook" award for using the social networking site to share news about his humanitarian work in the Congo. Two-time gold medalist Hope Solo walked away with the "Athlete" award for donating her time to some of her fans’ favorite causes and got a nod for transforming one of Los Angeles’ worst neighborhoods. Kristen Bell was honored for using Twitter to encourage her followers to get fit.

“This is the awards show where going off on politics and Giuliana Rancic speaking from the heart for a long time -- that’s encouraged,” Do Something CEO Nancy Lublin told Entertainment Weekly. “This is where you can wear your cause loud and proud. I think those are some of the best moments of the night.”

In addition to recognizing the ways in which celebs use their star power –- and passion –- to change the world, the awards show recognized five relatively unknown activists, under the age of 25, who have established impressive charities and were vying for a $100,000 grand prize to push their initiative forward. Katia Gomez, a 24-year-old determined to bring more education opportunities to Honduras, took home the esteemed “Do Something Award” and the hefty cash prize for her efforts.