08/22/2012 12:09 pm ET

Doug Hutchison Threatens Cast Mate After Being Called A 'Child Molester': REPORT

Teen bride Courtney Stodden and her 52-year-old husband, Doug Hutchison, joined the cast of "Couples Therapy" to work on their relationship, but their May-December romance isn't sitting well with other cast members.

When the show began filming last week TMZ reported that fellow cast member and gossip site founder Nik Richie refused to shake Hutchison's hand and called him a "child molester."

The couple married in 2011 when Stodden was just 16 years old and though they are used to defending their relationship, Hutchison was enraged by the comment, reports RadarOnline.

"Doug threatened to kick Nik's ass after he tried to insult him," revealed an inside source, who added, "People on set said that Doug got mad when he heard Nik making fun of Courtney and didn't want to let him get away with it."

The couple just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary in May, and have spent the majority of the year defending their relationship, establishing Stodden's grotesque underage oversexualized persona and trying to figure out how to cash in on their unusual marriage.

Almost immediately after the two married, reports that they were looking to enter the world of reality TV surfaced, but it took more than a year to find the right show. Earlier this month, TMZ reported that the couple signed on to VH1's "Couples Therapy," because they are having major problems in their marriage.

Sources connected to the show told the website that Stodden and Hutchison have acknowledged that there are "obvious problems in their relationship because of their age difference and the notoriety they've gotten because of their relationship."

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