08/22/2012 06:01 pm ET

Free Engagement Ring: Panhandler Receives Donated Engagement Ring

It's a warm and fuzzy kind of story.

Corey Fontenot wanted to propose to his girlfriend, but couldn't afford an engagement ring. So the Colorado man took to the roadside, panhandling in hopes of scrounging together enough cash for a diamond.

But on Monday, a local jeweler donated an engagement ring to Fontenot after he panhandled for just one day, 9 News reports.

"I was blown away," Fontenot told 9 News after the jeweler, who reportedly has a soft spot for romance, gave him the ring.

Fontenot told the station that he has a job, but doesn't make enough money to purchase a ring right now. The $80 he raised during his day of panhandling will go to Sonny's, the generous jewelry store.

This marks the second ring donated to a panhandler this week. A homeless man in Michigan is looking for the owner of a diamond ring after she accidentally handed it to him along with some change.

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