08/22/2012 08:21 am ET Updated Aug 22, 2012

'Frozen Ground' Trailer: Vanessa Hudgens Strips, John Cusack Kills, Nic Cage Investigates (VIDEO)

"Frozen Ground" is an upcoming film based on real life serial killer Robert Hansen, a man who raped, tortured and murdered young women, strippers and prostitutes in Alaska in the 1980s. Vanessa Hudgens plays a stripper who crosses paths with John Cusack's Hansen. Nicolas Cage stars as a cop working the case.

Judging from the new red band trailer, the eclectic cast comes together for a tense and nerve-wracking picture made all the most unsettling by its true story roots. The trailer features multiple shots of Hudgens stripping, which some believe caused it to be pulled from YouTube. Having filmed "Spring Breakers" as well (and seemingly spent the entire time in a bikini), Hudgens continues to distance herself from her Disney past.

The movie is written and directed by Scott Walker ("Ordan's Forest," not the governor of Wisconsin). 50 Cent produced.

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