08/22/2012 03:34 pm ET

Jay-Z Sues Mike Shand, 40/40 Club's Chef, For $1.5 Million Over Poor Menu

Jay-Z is so displeased with the menu at his 40/40 Club in Manhattan, he is suing the club's head chef for $1.5 million citing lost revenue and lost "good will."

The New York Post reports chef Mike Shand originally worked as the hip-hop mogul's personal cook while on tour with wife Beyonce, and was later hired to create the menu for the club's $10 million reopening in January.

But according to Jay-Z and partner Juan Perez, since then, Shand has bailed on his promise to elevate the menu and "failed to perform on significant aspects."

The sub-par food apparently also scared away good patrons, "costing the club lost profits, loss of good will [and] alienation of clientele."

The allegations are a far cry from 40/40 Club's sparkling renovation which attracted the likes of Warren Buffet and Spike Lee.

When we perused the club's site, we were a tad confused by the offerings, as it seemed 40/40 Club was struggling from an overall identity crisis.

One on hand, the club offers luxurious amenities, including $525 Patron bottle service and exclusive gold memberships for $2,500 a pop.

Couple that with a food menu featuring 40/40 Nachos and 40/40 Wings? Just seems awkward.

Either way, at least Jay-Z's beef with his cook is far tamer than the Greenhouse Club's beef with Chris Brown and Drake.

The two stars were sued by the club last week for $16 million over a brawl between their posses. And just this week, a model who claims to have been hurt during the dustup filed a lawsuit against Drake and Brown.



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