08/22/2012 02:02 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

Kobe Bryant Ferrari Ticket: Laker Busted For Talking On Cell Phone While Driving

Remember when it became illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving in California, unless you have a hands-free device? Yeah. That was back in 2008.

Lakers superstar, Kobe Bryant, unfortunately hasn't kept up with the times. According to TMZ, Bryant was slapped with a ticket for talking on his cell phone while driving on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles Tuesday. It probably isn't easy to keep a low profile when you're driving a bright red $300,000 Ferrari and have one of the most recognizable faces in the city.

We don't doubt that Kobe can afford the ticket, or the installation of the required hands-free system, for that matter. Forbes reports that Bryant makes a whopping $53.2 million and is the top earner in the entire league.

Soon after the hands-free law passed in California, a law banning texting while driving came into effect in 2009. According to a UC Berkeley study, deaths associated with drivers talking on their cellphones are down by 47 percent.

Welcome to 2012, Kobe!

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