08/22/2012 12:08 pm ET

'Mad Men': Elisabeth Moss Was Kept In The Dark About Peggy's Quitting Episode

Peggy's surprising exit from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce during Season 5 of "Mad Men" left a strong impact on viewers.

But in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Elisabeth Moss revealed that she had very little time to prepare for her exit from the firm.

"[I didn't know] until we were shooting Episode 10, the one right before it," Moss said. "It was unusual that [Matthew Weiner] didn't tell me. He usually tells me what's happening, pitches me things to ask me how they sound."

Still, the Emmy-nominated actress insists she's grateful to Weiner for staying mum on the events of the episode.

"I will thank him forever for not telling me. It would have made my life harder. I knew about Peggy's baby in season one. I fought against it, to play it as she was living it, feeling it, and not be in my head. Not knowing Peggy would quit allowed me to find it for myself, to really feel Peggy's growing frustration with Don [Jon Hamm] all season."

Luckily, Peggy's far from out of the "Mad Men" picture.

"[Elisabeth Moss] is going to be on the show next year,” series creator Weiner revealed to TVLine earlier this month. “I can’t say how much, in what capacity or what [her story] is going to be, but she has not left the show.”

For more on Moss, head over to THR.

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