08/22/2012 04:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Peacock In Queens, After Escaping Local High School, Eludes NYPD (VIDEOS)

The all-seeing, bigger-than-the-FBI NYPD may have the ability to shoot down planes, but when it comes to catching one particular peacock, New York's finest are a lost cause.

The fugitive fowl-- which The New York Post reports escaped from an agricultural program at John Browne High School-- has been flaunting its feathers all over Kew Gardens, Queens for the last week.

Angela Isakaharov, who spotted the bird Monday night, told NBC New York, “All the neighbors came out, were looking at it and then it flew on top of my roof and was standing there for maybe an hour.”

The peacock, which has eluded city officials and at least one dedicated Times journalist, was finally cornered in a backyard Monday by the NYPD Emergency Services Unit. But just when cops thought they had it trapped, the bird flew away onto a neighboring roof.

“Cops of a feather flock together,” 20-year-old Neighbor Yaakov Abramovitz, who witnessed the cop's attempt, joked to The Post. “All these cops and a bird, why? Was he a spy bird with US secrets?”

Of course, this isn't he first time a colorful peacock has confounded city residents. Last summer, a peacock escaped from the Central Park Zoo, perching itself on windowsills across the Upper East Side.

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