08/22/2012 04:31 pm ET

Prince William Rescues Injured Canadian Tourist From Cliff On Anglesey

Prince William is at it again. Days after he rescued drowning teenagers off the coast of Anglesey, the future king of England piloted a helicopter to save an injured Canadian tourist who was hiking with her husband on a cliff by the shore.

Darlene Burton was hiking along a trail near the picturesque Point Lynas with her husband, Lawrence Oakley, when she slipped on a rock and broke her leg, The Globe and Mail reports.

Local paramedics were called, but they were unable to help her. That's where Prince William comes in: He piloted the helicopter that brought the woman to a nearby hospital, according to the Express .

While we know this was part of the Prince's job description, it's certainly not every day that one has the future king of England come to the rescue. It seems Burton's husband was in a bit of shock, as he boasted to the Globe & Mail: "He assisted in helping Darlene when they moved the stretcher out (of the helicopter).”

The Prince's rescue comes a day after nude photos of his younger brother, Harry, surfaced from a wild weekend in Vegas.



Prince William in Helicopters