08/22/2012 05:29 pm ET

Regent University Suing Over Augusta State University Name Change

The decision by the Georgia Board of Regents to change the name of Augusta State University isn't just making people mad in Augusta, Ga. -- it's also striking a nerve with a school in Virginia.

Regent University in Virginia reportedly warned the Georgia Board of Regents not to use Georgia Regents University as a new name, according to the Augusta Chronicle. On Wednesday, Regent University announced they'll file a trademark infringement lawsuit against the University System of Georgia Board of Regents, WJBF reports.

Students, alumni and community members responded in outrage to Augusta State University's name change after it merged with Georgia Health Sciences University. The regents chose the name over the more popular choice of the University of Augusta and insist they've made their final decision.

“Regent University has consistently taken steps to protect its trademarked name," Dr. Carlos Campo, the president of Regent University, said in a statement. "We have respect for the Georgia Board of Regents, but we believe that their selection of the name Georgia Regents University is an unfortunate infringement of our valuable federally registered trademark."

The Augusta Commission voted 6-1 on Tuesday to request that the regents consider "any other name" besides Georgia Regents University, the Chronicle also reports.

Community members want the new name to include "Augusta." GHSU President Ricardo Azziz reportedly pushed against using Augusta in the new name.

Students demonstrated against the name change Monday on campus.