08/22/2012 03:28 pm ET

Two Men Steal 800 Gallons Of Gas From Pump In North Miami Beach

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Two men were captured on surveillance video stealing more than 800 gallons of gasoline as they filled up more than a dozen cars from an altered pump, NBC 6 reports.

While one man distracted the clerk inside the station, the other broke the meter on a pump before directing 15 cars to free gas over the following 13 minutes.

Whether they were “kindly” giving gasoline to strangers or helping out friends is unknown, but North Miami Beach Police Det. Cora Mann said she doubted the men are modern-day Robin Hoods.

“These are planned operations," she told NBC. "They are just not random gas stations that you go, you break the meter and then you say ‘Oh, anybody come along, here's free gas.’ No, it doesn't work like that.”

Those not willing to shell out for current gas prices have devised interesting ways to fuel up. In Atlanta, a man stole 400 gallons of gas in 30 minutes after rigging a gas pump in December. Police in Kentucky arrested a man in April after they found a photo posted to Facebook showing him siphoning gasoline from an officer’s vehicle.