08/22/2012 03:17 pm ET

'Veronica Mars' Movie: Kristen Bell Hasn't Given Up Hope

Kristen Bell would still love to do a "Veronica Mars" movie, despite the hurdles that are keeping the project down.

In an interview with Vulture promoting her new movie "Hit and Run," Bell said she hasn't lost hope that the beloved private eye character will be brought back to life.

"Everyone involved wants to do it, but Warner Bros. is a real stinker," Bell said. "It's a real monster of a legal system there."

Bell and fiance Dax Shephard went the independent route with "Hit and Run" because of the hassles she's faced in trying to get "Veronica Mars" on the big screen. Talk of a "Veronica Mars" movie has bubbled up and down since the series ended its three-year run in 2007. The whole time, both Bell and series creator Rob Thomas have been on board.

"[I]f I had the money right now to produce it, I would do it in a heartbeat," Bell told Vulture. "I still have hope for it. I really do. Even if she's, like, 80 when it takes place, like 'Murder, She Wrote.'"

Bell first offered to finance the flick in 2010, if Warner Bros. would let her. The "House of Lies" star told The Huffington Post in an interview from late 2011 that she still believes it could happen.

"I would make time for it in a heartbeat and that's a decent part of it done, when you've cast 'Veronica Mars.' I know Rob Thomas has it in his heart to make it; this is his baby," she said. "It's not off the table for any of us. We're just still trying to champion the powers that be to believe us. The reality is, we need a few million dollars to do it and that's a lot of money. It's difficult to convince a studio to take that risk when you're proposing to them to make a movie of a television show that's been off the air for four years.

"Don't lose hope," Bell said in December 2011. "That's all I can say. Do not lose hope."