08/23/2012 07:09 pm ET

50 Cent's 'Be My Bi--h' Video Features Threesome, Headphones

A new 50 Cent music video has been released, and it's low on subtlety and high on girl-on-girl eye contact. The song, which is about how sexually compatible 50 Cent and his female companion are, gets reimagined as a vehicle for YouTube users to watch two full-figured models move in slow motion, first in an empty bar, then in a four post bed.

Also, perhaps it would be better off to ignore the blatant promotion for 50's self-branded headphones, but is the best time to place a product really in the middle of a threesome? Is that the context in which headphones are most appealing? Look, nearly nude women touching each other! But wait, blue over-the-ear headphones? Let me Google those right now and buy them! This is way worse than that time Rick Ross picked up a bottle of Ciroc in the "Touch N You" video, only to have it turn into red wine by the time he left the room.

Someone take us back to the days when 50 was doing upside down crunches.

"Be My B---h" is off 50's upcoming full-length, Street King Immortal. That album drops Nov. 13. More from the man who was shot nine times below.

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