08/23/2012 02:35 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2012

Alexander Polli Soars Over New Zealand, Norway And Switzerland In New Wingsuit Video

Folks, don't try this at home.

Alexander Polli, a self-described "body flight professional," has released a stunning video that shows him soaring over parts of New Zealand, Norway and Switzerland in a wingsuit.

According to the Associated Press, wingsuit flyers wear suits made from the same material used to make parachutes and hot-air balloons. The sport grew out of BASE jumping in the late 1990s and there are only several thousand wingsuit flyers in the world.

On his Facebook page, where he posted the video on Wednesday, Polli wrote about "the unbelievable sensation of flying," saying that the sport "has come to revolutionize my life."

"I can only hope that watching this video you feel a fraction of what it has meant to me living this reality," he added later. "If it gets your heart rate up, mission accomplished."

As one might imagine, the sport has been, at times, controversial because of the risks associated with it.

Earlier this summer, the mayor of Chamonix in the French Alps temporarily banned wingsuit flying after an athlete was killed when his parachute didn't open, the AP reports.

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