08/24/2012 12:44 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2012

Cats Rescued From Monterey: Hoarding Survivors Recovering At Monterey SPCA (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

After 113 kittens were found dead in two Seaside homes last month, the Monterey County SPCA was able to rescue 51 surviving adult cats and nurse them back to health.

"The cats were living in extremely horrible conditions," SPCA Sgt. Sanders told HuffPost. "They were separated into two groups and locked into rooms with little to no ventilation. The floors were saturated in urine and feces."


All the surviving cats required a lot of medical attention, but are recovering well, reports Monterey SPCA.

SPCA spokeswoman Beth Brookhouser said most of the animals had respiratory infections, parasites and broken teeth. At least five were pregnant. Four of the cats required emergency surgical procedures for severe uterus infections. Two had to be put to sleep.

The cats are also beginning to recover emotionally, and are starting to come out of hiding and allowing SPCA workers to brush and pet them.

Donna Johnson, who was responsible for the dead kittens, was charged with three felony counts of animal cruelty as well as three counts of misdemeanor animal neglect.

She is to be arraigned September 11.

"It definitely makes you go home and kind of hug your animals a little tighter at night," said Sanders.

The cats are not up for adoption yet, but you can put your name down on the list by calling the Monterey County SPCA.

In the meantime, donations can be made here to the Monterey SPCA, or consider donating toys and kitty litter from their Amazon gift list registry.

Scroll through the slideshow below to see the brave cats:

Rescued Cats