08/23/2012 08:59 am ET

David Sirota: 'Stop Sucking Up To Bloomberg'

By David Sirota

This week, Harper’s magazine is publishing a report I’ve been working on for the better part of the last year. The piece looks at a powerful paradox in the media world whereby major metro newspapers are becoming more politically influential even as they lose readership, revenue and reporting resources. In one-newspaper towns all over America, this has made newspaper owners into 21st century Citizen Kanes — able to suffuse both editorial page and news coverage with propaganda that serves their personal and political agendas.

You can find out more about the article here. As you’ll see, I cover monopolists such as Dean Singleton, Douglas Manchester and Sam Zell, and the havoc they’ve wreaked on cities like Denver, San Diego and Chicago, respectively. These kind of owners do not see newspaper monopolies only from a short-term financial perspective, whereby objective journalism generates profit. On the contrary, as documented in my Harper’s piece, they seem to see them as political investments whose returns in influence and power come about via slanted propaganda.

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