08/23/2012 12:37 pm ET

Detroit Dog Shot In Face By Intruder Gets $15,0000 From Donors For Recovery

Within hours of calling on do-gooders for help, an outpouring of $15,000 came forward to aid a Detroit dog cruelly shot in the face.

While relaxing at home on Saturday night with her yellow Labrador -- Niko -- Gail King heard gunshots fire through her front door, which she had left open to let in some fresh air, WDIV reports. The intruder hit the 53-year-old in the chest and the 8-year-old dog was shot in the face, causing devastating damage to his bones, gums, nose, and sinuses, the NY Daily News reports.

King was released from the hospital Monday and will need reconstructive surgery, but Niko is still recovering at the Affiliated Veterinary Emergency Service hospital, according to Detroit News. The resilient pooch is subsisting on a liquid diet being administered through a feeding tube.

To help pay for the estimated $5,000 to $7,000 in vet bills, the injured dog’s supporters set up a fundraising site for the cause. Within 10 hours, donors –- from as far as Japan and Australia –- gave $15,000, the NY Daily News reports.

“People get shot every day and you don't see those kinds of responses over a person because it's so common, but for a dog to get shot, the whole world stopped and watched,” veterinarian Deborah Baron told the news outlet.

Any extra funds will be allocated for King’s recovery and for Niko’s future medical bills, WDIV reports.

"Anybody helping my dog, I appreciate it,” King told WXYZ. “Without your help, I would probably have to put Niko down.”

Feeling inspired? Find out how you can contribute to Niko and King's recovery here.



List and captions courtesy of Vetstreet

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