08/23/2012 04:22 pm ET

Maricela Sanchez Dragged Dog, Mimi, Behind SUV In Attempt To Walk Her: Cops

A woman thought that walking her dog by tying the leash to an SUV was a good idea.

Cops say that Maricela Sanchez dragged her 5-pound Yorkshire Terrier, Mimi, using a Ford Expedition on Wednesday in Marble Falls, Texas. Horrified neighbors watched as Sanchez allegedly drove 10 mph in an attempt to "walk" the dog.

The dog lost toenails and suffered severe road rash, according to KVUE.

"The way her pads were, they were completely gone like as if you or I had the skin on the bottom our feet completely worn down until the bottom of our muscle," Animal Control Spokeswoman Jacey Ferguson told the station.

Witnesses called police. Sanchez was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. She admitted the crime to cops, but said that she was walking the dog, KEYE reports.

"I don't think she really saw that it was really any issue that she was dragging this dog behind the vehicle," Marble Falls Police Captain Glenn Hanson said. "You wouldn't do this to your child."

Sanchez will have a court hearing next week, where she'll have a chance to convince a judge why she should keep Mimi.