08/23/2012 12:05 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

Did Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears And Lady Gaga Unfollow Perez Hilton After One Direction Gaffe?

Perez Hilton might refer to himself as the Queen of All Media, but after mistakenly hinting that One Direction's Zayn Malik might be leaving the group, fans of the boy band took to Twitter to blast the gossip monger. Then, news spread that Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga had unfollowed Hilton on Twitter.

So what's true and is there a connection?

It all started when Hilton published a post on his blog Tuesday claiming that Malik had been caught at a hotel, flirting with a girl who was not his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards. The post also reported that Malik had deleted his Twitter account because of all the hate tweets he had been receiving.

"The reason i don't tweet as much as i use to, is because I'm sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter," the One Direction crooner wrote. "My fans that have something nice to say can tweet me on the one direction account, x."

Hilton took the time to speculate about Malik's future:

This tweet from Hilton sparked sheer fury from One Direction fans who sent him a barrage of messages (some of which were quite threatening) criticizing his claims about Malik's position in the band. He received so many tweets that his name began trending on Twitter Tuesday night. Despite the fact that "1D" fans said that "this fandom can literally end his career," Hilton was happy about the notoriety.

The drama escalated further when it was reported that Hilton had lost four big name celebrity Twitter followers: Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Lady Gaga.

Vibe magazine covered the news and IBTimes.com reported: "You know you have done something wrong when superstars Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus all unfollow you on Twitter. That's exactly what has happened to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton."

However, defenders of Malik might have gotten a bit ahead of themselves.

On Thursday, Cyrus responded to rumors that she had unfollowed Hilton, tweeting:

Controversy between Hilton and celebrities has flared before.

Back in 2009, Hilton claimed he was assaulted by the manager of Black Eyed Peas singer will.i.am because of his criticism of the band's album "The E.N.D." However, will.i.am denied the accusation and said Hilton was only looking for attention, the Los Angeles Times reported. Hilton went on to post a diatribe against the singer, using antigay slurs.

As for Malik, he is back on Twitter, and thanking his fans for their support.



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