08/24/2012 10:23 am ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

National Go Topless Day: Rally On Lincoln Road For Women To Walk Topless

There’s a women’s movement a-brewin', and it's going streaking.

On Sunday, National Go Topless Day, bare chest advocates are planning to stroll down busy Lincoln Road -- you guessed it -- topless.

The day is also Women's Equality Day, and and the Raelian Movement want women to be able to flaunt their stuff as openly as men do. While Haulover Beach is a clothing-free free for all, women on other beaches of Miami-Dade have to cover up.

Organizers of the movement said their constitutional rights are at stake -- and they want to feel the wind in their, um, not faces:

“[We] want to have the same right as men. Their chest is "tolerated" in every public place, why not ours? We dream of being able to walk down Lincoln Rd with our shirt open and enjoy the breeze on our torso the way some men do on a hot summer afternoon. We want women's bodies to be as free as men's are, that is our constitutional right!”

According to the group, 14 states currently allow women to go topless; however, many cities have overridden lax nudity laws with local ordinances.

The Lincoln Road event has been annual for a few years, with men donning bras and marching alongside women with painted designs on their breasts. (Check out a slideshow of a previous Go Topless Day thanks to Miami New Times, but be warned: photos are extremely NSFW.)

Other cities stateside and around the world from Seattle to Paris will be participating and in Tampa residents are also planning on getting topless to coincide with the Republican National Convention.

Both women and men are invited to join the rally down Lincoln Road on Aug. 26 at 5 p.m. The group will be meeting at Lincoln and Washington Roads and heading west to Alton, then heading back to the grassy knoll across from NEXXT Cafe.

Despite the free-range nudity, Miami Beach Police told HuffPost Miami that there have not been any arrests or issues during past events.

Video below is NSFW: