08/23/2012 02:06 pm ET

National Hispanic Leadership Agenda List Their Demands For Immigration Reform: Do You Agree?

The 30-group coalition, the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, has released a platform that they say political parties should adopt in order to woo the Latino vote. While calling for reform on a number of issues, it was their support for comprehensive immigration reform that may cause many on Capitol Hill to bristle.

We've listed their main points on immigration reform below. Read them over and let us know what you think. Do their demands fall in line with your own? Are their asks reasonable or has the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda gone too far?

  • Enact comprehensive immigration reform that offers undocumented immigrants an earned path to legalization and citizenship, unites families, and allows workers to enter with the rights and protections that safeguard our workforce.
  • Curtail the state and local enforcement of immigration laws, which inevitably lead to racial profiling and unnecessarily strained relations between police and local Latino communities.
  • Enact the DREAM Act, in part, to give undocumented students a path to earned legalization and then citizenship, and in the interim, maintain a fair and orderly path to administrative relief (from removal) for DREAM Act-eligible individuals.
  • Revisit per-country caps unfairly slowing down the orderly adjustment of Latino immigrants.
  • Continue to reduce the average processing time for green card applicants and green card holders applying for naturalization.
  • Recognize the important benefit that naturalization confers on our nation and the related critical significance of maintaining naturalization fees at an affordable level.
  • Demilitarize the southwest border by replacing National Guard troops with civilian law enforcement officers and halting construction of walls and fences along the border.
  • Invest in cost-effective alternatives to detention for those who do not pose a risk to public safety or are a flight risk.


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