08/23/2012 08:36 am ET

Rogerio Ceni Own Goal: Sao Paulo FC Goalkeeper Accidentally Punches Ball Into Own Net (VIDEO)

Goalkeeper Rogerio Ceni has seen his fair share of action on the pitch, having two decades of experience under his belt. But judging from this recent own goal, it seems that even this seasoned Brazilian veteran is capable of a rookie mistake.

In the 61st minute of a match against Nautico last week, the Sao Paulo FC goalkeeper accidentally netted a goal against his own side when he rushed out to meet a corner kick. Ceni attempted to punch it away, but the ball unexpectedly deflected backwards and into his net.

Luckily for Rogerio, the own goal wasn't a difference maker in the match as Nautico went on to win 3-0.

At least Ceni was able to control his temper after this soccer fail, which is certainly more than some players can say.



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