08/23/2012 03:18 pm ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

American Vision, Christian NonProfit, Defends Todd Akin, Accuses GOP Of 'Political Gang Rape'

A Christian nonprofit has come out in defense of Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), whose comments on "legitimate rape" ignited a firestorm around the nation.

American Vision, a Christian nonprofit which seeks to "restore America to its biblical foundation" and to support "Christians apply a Biblical worldview to every facet of society," is accusing Republicans of committing "political gang rape" against Akin.

"We expect leftists, liberals, and other miscreants to pounce opportunistically, to lie, cheat, and twist (all the while drooling) over a phrase like 'legitimate rape' when uttered by a strong conservative Christian politician. But should we expect the same from alleged conservatives?" Joel McDurmon of American Vision writes.

The article continues:

Those neoconservatives who have blasted Akin and demand he step down have done little more than identify themselves as weak on the pro-life issue—as moderates and potential compromisers, in fact. This is an indication that a Romney admin and its bucket carriers will melt the Republican platform further into moderatism, and thus drift the nation closer to the liberal agenda.

Of course, politicians such as Akin, who represent the clear contrast and strong conservatism desired by the tea party, are a real threat to the old Northeastern establishment Republicans like Romney. And thus that establishment savages him—violently and in unison. Call it a political gang rape—a legitimate one.

The article is rife with attempts to not only defend Akin, but to back up his claims, questioning date on rape-related pregnancies available from the U.S. Library of Medicine with disproving comments like "the evidence of rape is anecdotal, interpreted and possibly biased."

During an interview with KTVI on Sunday, the conservative Akin was asked his stance on abortion in an extreme case like rape.

“First of all, from what I understand from doctors, (pregnancy from rape) is really rare,” Akin said. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” Akin went on to say that the rapist is who should be punished.

Both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan denounced Akin's remarks, with Romney asking Akin to exit the U.S. Senate race in his state and Ryan saying "rape is rape."

Akin apologized for his "legitimate rape" comment, but has made no move to drop out of the Senate race in Missouri against Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.).

Earlier this week, Akin defended his decision to stay in the race.

"I misspoke one word in one sentence on one day, and all of a sudden, overnight, everybody decides, `Well, Akin can't possibly win,'" he said on a national radio show hosted by former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. "Well, I don't agree with that."

(H/T Mother Jones for the find.)