08/23/2012 05:20 pm ET

Vote!!! App Pits Barack Obama And Mitt Romney Against Each Other In Fighting Game

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are currently scheduled to debate in three separate forums in the months leading up to Election Day. But what if, instead of demarcating their policy differences with reasoned dialogue and thoughtful discourse, the two candidates just beat each other over the head with their microphones until one of them cried uncle?

That is the idea behind a bold new iOS app called "Vote!!!" which allows players to select a caricatured version of Romney or Obama as their gladiator and then wail on their political opponent without mercy, Mortal Kombat-style, until one of them keels over. You can battle your ideological foe in three settings (the debate stage, the White House lawn, the Oval Office), using any number of blunt electioneering weapons, including the aforementioned microphone, a foam hand, a Red, White and Blue ice cream cone, and -- of course -- the Constitution of the United States of America. (Maybe they should have made Ron Paul a character?)

As you play "Vote!!!" you can also unlock a number of different outfits for Obama and Romney to wear, such as an eyepatch, a clown nose, or a "sweet mustache." There are also several clever power-ups that will help you in battle: Activating "Health Care" means you can't be knocked down; "Good Press" means you can take a hit and it won't affect you; "Super Pac" allows you to double the amount of points you receive in any given contest.

"Vote!!!" comes from Chair Studios, the makers of wildly popular fighting game Infinity Blade, and uses that game's graphic engine and controls. The game also comes with a purpose, prominently displaying a voter registration button on its homescreen and linking to other voting resources. As a fun aside, the app regularly tallies which candidate players select and displays a realtime running vote total: So far, about 65 percent have chosen Obama.

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama both have their own official apps, of course, but neither is as fun as this one, nor does either allow you to append a fake Ron Swanson mustache to the candidate's upper lip. They also might be invading your privacy, per The Week. Wouldn't you rather go with the app that allows you to beat a cartoony version of your opponent with a green balloon animal?

Of course you would. Vote!!! is a free app that is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPad. You can download it here.



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