08/24/2012 08:27 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pappy, Abused 'Bait Dog,' Rescued After Having Paw Mutilated, Jar Stuck On Head (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Volunteers from a North Texas animal group helped to rescue a black Labrador retriever who was found wandering the streets with a jar stuck to his head and a chunk cut out of his paw.

"Pappy," as he was named, was found wandering the streets of Oak Cliff according to the Dallas Morning News. Along with ticks, fleas and bite marks, Pappy's paw was badly infected. It looked as if someone had taken a knife and cut a hole straight through before dragging it out.


It is believed that Pappy was used as a "bait dog" to train fighting dogs. “This was not a random act of cruelty,” Nancy, a vice president with Animal Allies of Texas, told the Dallas Morning News. “That’s typically done to create a blood scent so the animal can be thrown into a fighting ring and used as a bait dog for training.” Bait dogs are purposefully hurt to draw blood and encourage attacks.

The jar was another sign of the horrific training.

"I feel the reason they put this on his head was so that he would not be able to defend himself or attack the other animal," Melody Hamilton, who is also with Animal Allies of Texas, told Fox 4 Dallas Fort-Worth.

Dog fighting is rampant in all socio-economic areas,” Hamilton told NBC News. “Lucky for him, he escaped that situation. Now it’s a matter of dealing with all of the emotional distress.”

Pappy, who was dehydrated and emaciated at just 65 pounds, was rescued after the woman who found him called Animal Allies of Texas, according to MSNBC.

Rescuers removed the jar and amputated the first toe of Pappy's left paw on Wednesday. It will likely take him a few more days to recover.

On Friday, the Animal Allies of Texas posted photos on Facebook of Pappy playing in the yard with one of the technicians caring for him. Everyone watching over the rescued pup is hoping to see some tail wags.

Vets believe Pappy will make a full recovery. He will then need a loving family to take him home.

For information on donations or adoption please refer to, call 972-967-2266 or visit them on Facebook for updates on Pappy and other rescued animals.

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