08/24/2012 11:58 am ET Updated Aug 24, 2012

Afghanistan: No One Wants Us There (VIDEO)

It used to be a rare thing, for an Afghan soldier or cop to turn on international forces and attack them. But lately it has become a steady, lethal wave -- a wave so bad that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff met in Kabul with NATO and the U.S. Afghan commander this week. This morning on HuffPost Live, I hosted a segment about withdrawing from Afghanistan. We were inundated with smart, engaging comments, showing that while many media outlets are reluctant to focus on the war, there's a deep hunger to understand the country’s destiny after 2014, and America’s future role there.

HuffPost World editor Clare Richardson joined us in the studio to speak with Carmen Gentile, a journalist who just returned from Afghanistan, Taufiq Rahim, a political commentator in Dubai, Larry Kotlikoff of Boston University, and Zmarak Yousefzai, an Afghan American. Are the growing attacks a reality check? Is it time to leave now? How? Watch the spirited debate below, and let us know your thoughts by visiting the HuffPost Live archive page, where the conversation always continues.



Military Deaths In Afghanistan

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