08/24/2012 10:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chris Matthews Says Ann Romney 'Is A Winner,' Wonders If Mitt Romney Is 'A Conehead' (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews stopped by the "Tonight Show" on Thursday and chatted with host Jay Leno about presumptive GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney.

When asked what he thought of Ann Romney, Matthews described her as "a winner." He added, "She's very normal, likable, obviously attractive. She seems much more like a regular person than he does." Matthews said she was the type of person he'd like to "sit next to on an airplane" or "know as a neighbor."

Matthews said that her husband's demeanor differed, an observation often discussed among members of the media. "He's a little remote, you know," Matthews said. "He says things like, 'Oh I just left the aircraft.' What are you, a Conehead? What planet are you from? Nobody talks like that."

Matthews added, "We earthlings have a certain language," and highlighted how most people simply say, "I just got off the plane."

"Ann Romney says, 'I just got off the plane,'" Matthews noted.

Later during the segment, Matthews joked about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's weight. He said Christie once called him after Matthews poked fun at his size on his MSNBC show. Matthews admitted he shouldn't have gone there.

"But I have to say again," Matthews said to Leno, "he's the only guy I've ever seen stand on the boardwalk and look proportional with the ocean."



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