08/24/2012 06:12 pm ET

Is Illinois's Strip Club Tax Funding Rape Crisis Centers Fair?

Last week, Democratic Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed into law a new fee -- which some have dubbed the "pole tax" -- for strip clubs that offer live, nude dancing.

Revenue from the new fee -- which, beginning on Jan. 1, will set customers at many clubs back an extra $3 -- will support under-funded sexual assault resource centers which have been impacted by state funding cuts.

While many have applauded the law as a victory for sexual assault victims, some have criticized the new tax as unfairly linking strip clubs with rape.

A panel of commentators -- including attorney Jincey Lumpkin, feminist blogger Lena Chen, professor of criminology Richard McCleary and adult film actress and former stripper Tasha Reign -- joined host Marc Lamont Hill on HuffPost Live Friday to weigh in on the matter. (Watch their conversation above.)