08/24/2012 10:59 am ET Updated Oct 24, 2012

Is TV Really Ready for a Single Woman Who Doesn't Want a Man?

In recent years, lots of magazines have tried to get into the spinoff game, selling their feature articles into movie or television development. But few pieces have intrigued me more for a network TV adaptation than Kate Bolick's "All The Single Ladies," which ran in the Atlantic last November and sold Wednesday to CBS. (Disclosure: Kate and I share several friends.)

It's early in the development cycle, and there's no guarantee the show will ever make it onto the air. But just as Bolick's piece called for treating demographic changes as an opportunity to re-evaluate our expectations for relationships and marital milestones, a show based on her article, if the show truly ends up being "about a woman who turns down her boyfriend's proposal and instead embraces singledom," could be a fascinating shift in network television's parameters for female characters.

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