08/24/2012 02:35 pm ET

Macaulay Culkin's 32nd Birthday: A Look Back From 'Home Alone' To Addiction Rumors (PHOTOS)

We all remember that scene when Macaulay Culkin's adorable "Home Alone" character learns about aftershave the hard way.

But things haven't been all Christmas lights and crook-crushing since then for the child star, who turns 32 on Sunday. A few months ago, Culkin stepped out, giving photographers a shocking glimpse at his skeletal frame, draped in baggy black jeans and an oversized leather jacket. The images hit the Internet and immediately sparked speculation that drug use was a contributor to Culkin's sickly appearance.

Reports then began to emerge that Culkin was "close to death" due to a serious heroin and oxycodone (a highly addictive pain killer) addiction. Culkin's drug use reportedly came to a head around the same time he broke up with his girlfriend of eight years, Mila Kunis.

But Culkin's reps vehemently denied the claims: "The report in the National Enquirer that Macaulay Culkin is addicted to heroin and assorted hallucinogenics is not only categorically without merit, but it is also impossibly and ridiculously fictitious."

Since Culkin first made headlines for his deteriorating visage, the actor has been spotted in New York looking much healthier.

Check out Culkin's evolution from "Home Alone" cutie to 32 years old below:

Macaulay Culkin