08/24/2012 04:13 pm ET

Partisans In Disguise 'Outliers'

Charlie Cook wonders why Romney isn't doing better.

Ron Brownstein breaks down the Obama and Romney strategies to two formulas, 80/40 and 61/74.

University of Colorado political scientists predict a Romney win.

Bill Scher and Kristen Soltis discuss the pros and cons of Paul Ryan.

Harry Enten says the next two weeks will be crucial for Romney.

PPP denies gaming its Akin poll.

Josh Kraushaar reports that Todd Akin commissioned his own automated poll Monday.

Peyton Craighill examines Republican attitudes on abortion.

Michael Tesler finds Romney's welfare ad primes racial resentment in attitudes toward Romney.

Reihan Salam looks at racism across political parties; John Sides and Razib Khan weigh in.

The New Yorker asks readers what question they would ask if they could poll America.

Pew Research reports on a the lost decade of the middle class and examines trends in party ID.

NPR profiles the partisans disguised as independent voters.