08/24/2012 10:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pole Dance About A Breakup: Isis Masoud's 'The Last Goodbye' Gives The Subculture Some Love (VIDEO)

Remember the last time we had an international conversation about pole dancing? No? We'll fill you in. It was 2009, and choreographer Isis Masoud and her Pole-Ite Girls were staging pop-up pole dances in New York City subway trains. Their wordless but smiley burlesque subway show eventually landed the group a spot on "America's Got Talent," and Masoud some air time with the totally on board hosts of Australia's "Morning Sunrise."

"It's really about freedom of expression," Masoud told the Sunrise hosts, who seemed to heartily agree. Masoud then addressed the hearts and minds of her eager audience when she said it also "shakes things up a bit on your boring commute to and from the same thing that you do every day." Can't argue with truth, can you?

Now Masoud's back with another trending pole dancing video, this time not set in a public place. "The Last Goodbye," a dance Masoud choreographed to represent the "inevitable end of a passionate, volatile relationship," features dancers Marlo Fisken, Kyle DesChamps, and an uncredited pole in a studio full of them. Fisken and DesChamps twirl around said pole, scale it, and will probably eventually argue over who gets to keep it, all while metaphorically breaking up to the sound of TV On The Radio's "Will Do."

The whole thing doesn't end up being particularly NSFW, but we're hoping the trend of incorporating a pole in otherwise serious dance picks up from the hiatus it took after "Center Stage" and becomes a thing. Also, pole dancing at the Olympics.

Check out the action below.