08/24/2012 08:47 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2012

Prince Harry To Pose For Playgirl? Mags Would Offer Him $1 Million

Now that Prince Harry has nude photos swirling around the Internet, will he take it one step further and bare all?

That's what Playgirl might be hoping, as the mag thinks the prince would strip down -- this time on purpose, as bids would likely go up to a staggering ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

"I think what we all started to decide right away was just how much money the offers would go out for him," Playgirl publisher Vincent Stevens told E! News. "There's no way in the world that he would ever consider this but you're talking about numbers in the six figures right off the bat."

"He's a wild party guy," he says. "He's appealing to a lot of people because, although he's from the royal family, there's sort of this untamed nature to him. I think that's something that's really attractive to our readers and to the general public. He can't be contained by the royal family. He's just a free spirit."

Though the Prince Harry pics were racy, they didn't quite reveal.... everything. If you know what we mean. Mags like Playgirl would be willing to venture big bucks if it means the royal will show off the full crown jewels:

"I think the bidding would start in the low six figures," Stevens says, adding, "I think a million dollars is not out of the question."

Since photos of the 27-year-old prince naked at a Las Vegas party crashed the Internet on Monday night, it's been a busy week for the royal. Harry flew back to London amidst a storm of gossip about military reprimands, confusion over whether his royal security officers were present, and that Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer who was also there, had talked him into it. (Las Vegas, however, isn't exactly crying a river about the reported boost in tourism traffic.) London papers held out on publishing the pics after the palace reportedly requested otherwise, although the Sun relented on Friday and published them in their full glory.

Harry, you're already something of an international centerfold. Are you going to make it official? This wouldn't be the first time someone with royal connections stripped for a magazine shoot -- even just this year. Katrina Darling, a distant cousin of the Duchess of Cambridge, covers the September issue of Playboy and also packs in a racy photo shoot.

But still, we suspect the queen would put the kibbosh on any of this talk lickety-split.

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