08/24/2012 12:15 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2012

'Top Model' IQ Tests Really Do Happen, Tyra Banks Says

There have always been the token "smart girls" on "America's Next Top Model," from the brainy pre-med Elyse Sewell to Yalie Victoria Marshman. But the cast of the 19th season -- sorry, cycle -- of Tyra Banks' televised modeling showdown may all be "smart girls."

This season the show is titled "America's Next Top Model: College Edition" with each girl repping her specific university. You might assume, then, that these co-eds are brighter than your average "ANTM" model wannabes. But why assume when Tyra Banks has the stats on file?

When asked by Glamour whether this season's contestants are smarter than usual, Tyra responded:

"Their IQs are higher than ever. We test the IQs every year as part of our screening process. Yeah, I'm probably saying too much here. But yes their IQs are higher than ever. These are college girls."

Tyra would know, too -- she went to Harvard.

Honestly we had no idea about the IQ tests, particularly because... well, being super brainy never seemed to be a requirement for the "Top Model" ladies. Being loud, wild and opinionated, on the other hand, always struck us as a prerequisite. Fittingly, Tyra says that this season's high IQs had no bearing on the girls' behavior, telling Glamour, "They may know a little calculus or statistics or whatever but they were still just girls fighting. There was one fight going on in the second episode about who's a real bitch. 'I'm a real bitch, no I'm a real bitch.'"

Ah, that's the "Top Model" we know and love.

So the women are just as catty as ever, but what about the judges? Cycle 19 has already gotten tons of buzz over its wholly revamped staff: in the off-season, original judge Nigel Barker as well as mentors Jay Manuel and Jay Alexander were replaced with blogger Bryanboy, model Rob Evans and stylist Johnny Wujek. PR guru Kelly Cutrone is still on board as a judge from last season.

New judges, sharp-as-a-tack contestants -- will you tune in for the new season of "America's Next Top Model" tonight?

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