08/25/2012 11:01 am ET

Turning Defeat Into Power

Yesterday morning, I ventured out to my garden to check on a squash plant that I had recently replanted. It's needed some extra care and attention: the leaves had been drooping, the buds small, and I had been nervous about its survival over the past week. But, this morning was a little different. Yes, the plant had continued sprouting small hopes of new growth, but the newer, larger leaves had been eaten off… Oh no.
I quickly glanced around to realize that everything had been trimmed and eaten. Somehow, a deer (or a few!) must have gotten in and enjoyed everything I have been working so hard on. My strawberry plants were gone. Half eaten red and green tomatoes were strewn across the dirt. My cucumber plants no longer had leaves, and the runner beans with the beautiful red flowers had been chomped down to a third of their size.
Okay, it was time for deep breaths.

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