08/25/2012 12:57 pm ET

Jimmy Fallon's Mitt Romney Vlog (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon may be giving Jason Sudeikis -- or whoever ends up playing Mitt Romney on 'SNL' -- a run for his money after introducing his new Mitt Romney vlog series, "Rom Bomb Video Vlog Blog."

Fallon has Romney's robotic laugh and need to be seen as "with it" nailed down. In an effort to get out the youth vote, he covers all the ground the kids love, from autotunes to "tweets on the twitter" to Siri. He also showcases his latest pin on his Pinterest account (spoiler, it's pleated khakis!).

We particularly enjoyed the cheesy graphics, which are so bad they seem like something Romney might legitimately create. And the way Fallon's Mitt says "video games" and "discman" is nothing short of art. Check out the clip above, as well as some of our other favorite political impressions below.

And remember right now that we made this prediction: if Jason Sudeikis doesn't return to 'SNL' this season, our money is on Fallon guesting A LOT.



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