08/26/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ali Larter's Ombre Ruffled Tube Dress: Yay Or Nay? (PHOTO)

Ali Larter isn't so much known for her body of work as her, um, body. Every time the 36-year-old actress leaves the house in short shorts, low cut tops or any other revealing look, the paparazzi makes sure to snap a photo. But we think her latest ensemble might leave the photogs scratching their heads instead of reaching for their cameras.

While attending The Hollywood Reporter‘s celebration of Mindy Kaling's new series "The Mindy Project" in West Hollywood yesterday, Ali wore a blue ombre tube dress with cascading ruffles. Aside from its figure-shrouding tendency, the voluminous dress was nothing too offensive. But we can't help but feel that something about the Hollywood mom's dress is a bit... off.

Would the "Heroes" star have been better off opting for a more flattering shape? Probably. The dress feels like it would be better suited at the beach with a pair of flip flops, but that's just us. At least her hair and makeup were pretty flawless (as per usual). What do you think of the dress? Would you wear it to a party?


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