08/26/2012 04:43 pm ET

Anna Gunn Talks 'Breaking Bad' Series Ending

"Breaking Bad" is finishing up the first half of its final season and although the outcome of it all is still very unclear, there are a number of scenarios possible. Who better to speak about those options, than Skyler White herself, Anna Gunn.

Gunn sat down with to discuss the dark place her character is currently in and how she thinks it could all play out. Some of her theories may not be all that surprising. For instance, Gunn thinks Skyler could actually kill Walt.

When asked if she thought Skyler was capable of doing just that, she responded quite assuredly, yes. "I think there’s a part of Skyler that’s been activated and awakened in a similar way to how Walt has his Heisenberg side awakened and activated," she told the website. "I think there’s a feeling of, after having gone as far into it as she has and as deeply as she has, well, I’ll do whatever I have to do. I’ll do whatever it takes. And I think that perhaps that includes … that."

Gunn made it clear this is not her spilling any final season secrets, just pure speculation. She and the rest of the cast don't know anything past these first eight episodes. They'll only learn the fate of their characters when production on the final half beings.

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