08/27/2012 04:35 pm ET

'Colbert Report' Blooper: Stephen Flubs His Lines, Handles It Like A Pro (VIDEO)

Quick, watch this "Colbert Report" blooper before Comedy Central takes it down.

Crazy as it may seem, talk show hosts can be imperfect. We know, we know, we don't want to believe it either. But one of the nice things about filming their shows earlier than they air in America's living room is that they can correct mistakes they made during the taping.

Exhibit A: This clip above from 2010 that shows Colbert acknowledging that he made a small error in reading his lines. He handles it like the consummate professional he is, entertaining the audience as they retape the segment.

Some prankster at Comedy Central must have leaked out the raw tape, rendering useless Colbert's threat to the studio audience that "No one will ever know I made a mistake, if none of you blog."

We don't think this one will be up for long, so observe this behind-the-scenes look at "The Colbert Report" while you can.



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