David Glasheen, Australia's 'Robinson Crusoe,' Faces Eviction From Restoration Island (VIDEO)

After living alone as a self-styled "castaway" for more than 15 years, Australia's Robinson Crusoe is facing eviction from his island paradise.

According to the Telegraph, David Glasheen has been living on Restoration Island, which is located off the northeastern tip of Australia, since the 1990s.

However, after years of peaceful solitude, it looks like Glasheen's "castaway" days may soon be coming to an end.

Australia's Courier Mail reports that Glasheen is facing eviction after the Queensland Supreme Court ruled that he had failed to comply with the stipulations of his lease.

Glasheen was allegedly given access to the island on condition that he and his company would develop "tourist accommodation and recreational and commercial fishing facilities" valued at least $200,000.

On his website, Glasheen claims that he has received approvals to develop a resort and that he invites investors to fund the project.

But as the Courier Mail explains, the Supreme Court found that Glasheen and his company have not done enough and thus ruled that the land should be repossessed.

Now considered a "trespasser," Glasheen has been told to vacate the island, the Telegraph reports.

"This judgment was just horrible," Glasheen told the newspaper by phone from Cairns, Australia. He added that he has no intention of leaving the island.

A former entrepreneur, Glasheen is said to have first moved to Restoration Island after going through a divorce and a series of financial losses during the 1987 stock market crash. “I just wanted the idea of a less stressful life,” he told The New York Times in 2010. “I figured there had to be something better than this out there."

Now in his late 60s, Glasheen said that his then-girlfriend had first suggested escaping to an island with their son back in the early 1990s, the Times writes. However, island life proved too difficult for Glasheen's partner and she left after six months. “We had a baby, we had no hot water, we had no washing machine,” he said. “Things are not easy here for a woman.”

This is not the first time that Glasheen has made headlines. A number of years ago, he was in the news after having posted a profile on the dating site, the Herald Sun writes.

"It gets lonely out here," he told the newspaper at the time. "My only hope is for a mermaid to turn up on the beach."

Glasheen says he is looking to appeal the decision and is currently seeking "pro bono legal advice."

For more on Glasheen, watch this video of the "castaway" and Robert Pennicott of Follow The Yellow Boat Road: