08/27/2012 12:50 pm ET

Dog Shot By NYPD Recovering At 'Lightning Speed'

The pitbull that was shot by NYPD officers in the East Village earlier this month is said to be recovering at "lightning speed."

The Daily News spoke with an Animal Care and Control official who said Star's medical bills had climbed to a staggering $10,000, but thanks to a special fund created to save the dog, Star's recovery has been ensured.

Following the shocking incident (which you can watch here), it was first reported officers had killed the dog, when in fact she was left in serious condition. Her medical summary:

Medical Summary brought in by police was shot by police and tranquilized by unknown drug dog was sedated and covered in blood on head and front legs cleaned dog up and found blood to be oozing from left eye socket, and nostrils, oral exam-- larynx filled with blood, placed endotracheal tube, mass on distal left soft palate, crepitus felt(possible fx or final placement of bullet) swelling on left side of face no other abnormalities felt placed 2 iv cath in left cephalic and left saphenous veins, cont IV LRS bolus at shock rates (1000 ml) dexamethasone 2mg/ml 3cc iv vit B12 6cc IM gave 1cc yohimbine iv to reverse effects of xylazine? administered recc rads to find bullet and possibly remove transfer to emergency for observation and further tx Weight 45.0

The shooting prompted many to question whether officers had overreacted, considering Star was protecting owner Lech Stankiewicz when she allegedly lunged at officers.

Officers were attempting to approach Stankiewicz who was visibly passed out on the sidewalk.

Stankiewicz has yet to claim the dog, and therefore ownership has been given to Animal Care and Control.

Following recovery, the rescue facility is expected to transfer custody to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

A photo of the shooting courtesy of @MrEddieHuang:



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